Art in public space

An urban art path

The BODENWELLEN are eight art installations along a path in the public space of St. Pölten, which were developed by students of the Kolleg | Aufbaulehrgang für Design under the direction of Arch. DI Anja Aichinger as part of the „Viertelfestival NÖ – Mostviertel 2021“.

The young designers were inspired by the principle of the bump: bumps interrupt our everyday routine, they make us slow down and pay attention, maybe even pause for a moment. By staging unusual perspectives, the BODENWELLEN opened up new views of the familiar, encouraged playful use of the city through exciting design and stimulated reflection through irritating interventions.


Client Viertelfestival NÖ

Year 2021

Concept + project management: Arch. DI Anja Aichinger

Contributors: Mag. arch. DI (FH) Rudolf Berger, Ing. Robert Riesenhuber

Project teams: #01 Anna Dufter + Helene Schober + Hannah Ullram #02 Erich Fasching + Corinna Zwickl #03 Christoph Reichl #04 Christiana Buchacher + Daniela Samer + Lavinia Löschnig #05 Miriam Freundlinger + Rebecca Staffenberger #06 Lisa Artmayr + Helena Gruber + Melanie Lehrbaum #07 Nadine Fritscher + Michelle Lichtenberger #08 Cordula Schneider-Manns Au