Book layout + exhibition design

Architecture for a fictitious Europe

In 2015, fifteen designs for fictitious archives in brick construction in various European capitals were created as part of a semester project at the Linz University of Art. ANAIS designed the exhibition as well as the book in which the results of the project are presented. The cover of the book abstractly shows the geographical location of the archives in Europe and – as a reference to the colour and feel of the brick – is designed as a cut-open cardboard volume with copper embossing and copper cutting. The concept of the spatial location of the projects also underlies the exhibition concept and makes it possible to experience them sensually.

Client Kunstuniversität Linz

Year 2016

In cooperation with students of the Kunstuniversität Linz, the Association of Austrian Brickworks, Wienerberger Ziegelindustrie Österreich and Tondach Gleinstätten.

Photos: Philipp Steiner, Anja Aichinger

Pollak, Sabine (ed.): Impossible Archives. Architecture for a Fictitious Europe. Sonderzahl, Vienna 2016