Exhibition contribution

Architecture & Sound

The Danube spills acoustically over its banks and floods the basement rooms of the architekturforum oö in Linz with its sound waves. The full bath of frequencies allows visitors to resonate in harmony with the waves.
The sound of the flowing Danube water is transmitted in real time to the basement of the afo via an underwater microphone installed in a buoy, where it is made audible through loudspeakers and tangible through a water basin. Analogous to the hollow body of a musical instrument, the room, bathed in coloured light, thus functions as a resonating body, a kind of public amplifier for the vibrations of the river.

Client afo architekturforum oberösterreich

Year 2013

A project by Anja Aichinger (architecture) & Reni Hofmüller (sound) Photos: Dietmar Tollerian, Anja Aichinger