Art installation


„Fix, Schwyz!“ squawks Jürgen stupidly from the passport.
1 sentence, 30 letters – and each of them unique.

The neon-red lettering – an installation on the occasion of 40 years of the Kunstuniversität Linz and 20 years of the IFK – on the façade of the Kunstuniversität Linz facing the Danube is one of the three ‚real pangrams‘ known in the German language. This means that the 26 letters of the alphabet plus the umlauts and the ‚ß‘ each appear exactly once in it. It is thus emblematic of the cult or compulsion for originality in art: uniqueness at any price. At the same time, however, it also proves the opposite: nothing can be completely original, because everything always has to fall back on familiar codes – in this case, the Latin alphabet. And yet – the text, an ‚objet trouvé‘ so to speak, becomes a work of art through the change of context.

Client Kunstuniversität Linz

Year 2013

Team: Anja Aichinger (concept + project management), Costanza Coletti, Karina Eder, Felix Ganzer, Franz Koppelstätter, Hannah Kordes, Katrin Spindler, Jomo Zeil, Martin Zierer Statics: Thomas Ghahremanian Photos: Florian Voggeneder Contractors: Foil cutting: CSD – Die Beschrifter, Lighting: ELIN GmbH & co KG, Wood cutting: Platten-Pastl GmbH, Working platform: Prangl GmbH, Scaffolding: Rohrer G.M.B.H.